A professional and reliable partner for mechanical engineering companies and for the graphic industry


Our engineering company offers services within the following business operating areas:

 -  Engineering / Specialised technical devices incl.
     manufacturing, if wanted.

 -  Project-planning and -supervision of machinery
     installation or relocation

 -  Consulting of printing companies in all projects of
     acquiring graphic machinery

During meanwhile 20 years in the job, we gained a compre-hensive know-how at home and abroad. Our knowledge and experience gives us the necessary background, to find even for the most different problems the suitable solution for our customers.

To our strengths among other things belong the realization of custom-made solutions, and/or small series of aggregates.

Together with our partner company CPS Engineering we can offer all activities required for your new projects and investments, beginning with consulting, followed by project management, engineering, manufacturing and assembly up to the machine service and maintenance, from one source. This brings crucial advantages for the customer, since thereby he has always the same partner.

If there is an appropriate project in process in your facility and if our services suits to you, you should contact us immediately and give us the chance to convince you of our skills.

We will be pleased to discuss the new tasks with you in detail, to find the best and most economical course of action.


Improvement of machinery and aggregates

You would like to extend the production possibilities of your equipment; maybe you already have a concrete idea how to achieve this.
But there is no manufacturer offering the desired product.

You toil with exhausting and pedestrian procedures during the conversion of production or machine maintenance and need a device or an auxiliary attachment to facilitate the work and to reduce the expenditure of time.

Process-related you are struggling with frequent production breakdowns or machinery downtimes due to the exchange of early worn parts and you would like to eliminate these problems.

If one or several of these points apply to you, you absolutely should contact us.
Together with you we will develop a custom made solution.
Not always there is a large expenditure necessary for this.
Sometimes there can be achieved a large effect by even small measures.

Engineering / specialised technical devices

We provide custom-made solutions and/or small series of aggregates within all ranges of the printing industry, packaging industry, filter technology and mechanical engineering.

Orientation to the solution optimal for you is for us in first place.

One of our current developments for the packaging industry is the cardboard box wire stapler with along or transverse stitching.
This aggregate was demanded by quite a few prospective customers, but however is not offered by the machine manufacturers.
In this case, we not only implemented the development and engineering, but also manufacturing, assembly, sales and service.


Project-planning and -supervision of machinery installation or relocation

This service is intended for printing companies who are planning to

      -   purchase new machinery,

      -   improve or extend existing machines,

      -   move machinery from a facility to another.

And which, in order to ensure an optimal project completion, are looking for professional advice and project management.

Together with you, we plan all phases of the project in detail, specify the temporal operational sequence of the individual steps and consider thereby also internal, possibly overlapping processes.
We coordinate the work of the companies and subcontractors involved and supervise the adherence to the schedule.

The entire planning takes place under the demand that a disturbance of production is avoided to a large extent.


Consulting of printing companies in all projects of acquiring graphic machinery

This service is for printing companies who intend to purchase new machinery and like to benefit from professional support already in the planning phase.

In co-operation with our customer we determine, with consideration of the current and in the future needed production possibilities, which machine layout is needed.

Likewise necessary additions or new acquisitions within the paper logistics and mailroom will be specified.

It will be examined, if the building has to be altered.

We provide the requirement specification and give advice for the selection of the machine manufacturer and the contents of the sales contract.

If desired, we will also accomplish the entire project engineering and the machine acceptance.